Mentoring Faculty

  • Portrait
  • Pamela Yelick, PhD
  • Institution: Tufts University
  • Professor, Department of Orthodontics
  • Research Interests: Molecular/genetic basis for mineralized tissue development, homeostasis, disease and regeneration

Pamela Yelick focuses on investigating the molecular/genetic basis for mineralized tissue development, homeostasis, disease and regeneration. A unique area of expertise is in tooth development, which is an exceptionally complex process. In 2002, Yelick’s group published, for the first time, the possibility of using tissue-engineering approaches to bioengineer functional living replacement teeth. Since then, she has worked to optimize dental tissue and whole tooth engineering, aiming to create biologically based, fully functional and viable human teeth. Her group’s approach uses in vitro cultured human or porcine dental cells seeded onto biodegradable and biocompatible 2D and 3D scaffolds. They also perform analyses of in vivo implanted and grown constructs, as models for tooth and alveolar bone regeneration. Finally, her group performs discovery and functional analyses of genes regulating craniofacial development and regeneration using the zebrafish model. These studies aim to develop new and effective therapies for human craniofacial bone and tooth regeneration.