Mentoring Faculty

  • Portrait
  • Zhiping Pang, PhD
  • Institution: Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology
  • Research Interests: Synaptic regulation in human neuronal cells, molecular pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders

Zhiping Pang is a researcher with a broad background in neurobiology and stem cell biology. His current research focus is on understanding the synaptic regulation in human neuronal cells derived from various sources. He developed a novel technique to enable the direct conversion of human skin fibroblasts into functional neurons. He also focuses on studying synaptic regulation from stem cells to brain. His lab uses both mouse models and human neuronal cells to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of human neuropsychiatric disorders. NIH, NSF, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, US-Israel Binational Foundation, and several other foundations fund his research. He was the recipient of the Daniel X. Freedman Prize from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation in 2012, and has published extensively in high impact journals including Nature and Neuron.