T32 Postdoctoral Training

T32 Postdoctoral Training Program - Translating Research in Regenerative Medicine

This NIH-funded postdoctoral training program is unique and highly regarded for its innovative multi-institutional collaboration, allowing trainees to choose from a list of laboratories and faculty mentors at 6 participating institutions: Rutgers University, Princeton University, MGH/Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University, and Case Western Reserve University 

Postdoctoral trainees will be resident in the laboratory of their primary mentor, but have the opportunity to choose a secondary mentor at the same institution or any of the other participating institutions.  The program aims to form a geographically dispersed “community of learning”, mimicking the work environment of large multinational corporations with research facilities in different locations.

The experience of NIH-funded T32 trainees in this program is different of that of conventional postdocs because of the significant enhancement of the postdoctoral experience offered by the program.

IMG 2151

2019 Postdoctoral Trainees and Affiliate Postdocs at the Annual Immersion Week, with PI Dr. Joachim Kohn and Program Manager Suzanne Squires