Polymer Processing & 3D Bioprinting/Additive Manufacturing

Polymer processing at the NJCBM

Polymers can be processed into thin rods, fibers and filaments from polymer melts using one of the four equipments.  We have an industrial scale James extruder (> 100 g), a Randcastle mini-extruder (> 35 g), a Malvern capillary rheometer ( ~ 15 g), and a Tinius Olsen melt indexer that can process experimental polymers as little as 5 g.  We can compression mold polymers to make films ~50 mm and plastic parts ~ 5mm. One of the two Carver presses is in the clean room for preparing implantable samples. Polymers can be solution-processed by electrospinning to produce fiber mats. Porogen leached scaffolds can be produced using a bench top freeze drier for preliminary evaluations, and a computer controlled Labconco freeze drier. Polymers can be spin coated on variety of substrates on a Headway Research spin coater to make 100 nm -2 mm thin films.