Drug Delivery

At the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM) we have investigated two drug delivery systems capable of delivering both hydrophobic and hydrophilic active ingredients. Our nanospheres are composed of a biodegradable, biocompatible, nontoxic, amphiphilic triblock copolymer that self-assemble in aqueous media in a core-shell structure. The core acts as a reservoir for hydrophobic drugs and the shell avoids protein adsorption. Nanospheres can range from about 30-130 nm and offer a short-term release profile. Our microspheres can be composed of a variety of biodegradable, biocompatible polymers based on the need of the application. It is hypothesized that the degradability of the polymer dictates the release of the drug. Varying the polymer degradation timeline allows for a varying release profile. Microspheres are prepared by first forming a primary emulsion between a hydrophilic active ingredient and the polymer solution. This emulsion is used to form microspheres through a continuous flow method which produces monodispersed microspheres ranging from 100-500 ┬Ám.