• Portrait
  • Suzanne Squires
  • Associate Director

I joined the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials in 2016 and am currently the Associate Director of the Center.  I am also the Program Manger for our NIH-sponsored T32 Postdoctoral Training Program, which trains postdoctoral scholars in our B3 paradigm, Bench to Business to Bedside. Previously, I was the Assessment Director and Academic Coordinator for the University of Iowa Honors Program, where I helped usher in a new undergraduate curriculum. This experience has given me the skills to evaluate the success of our educational and research programs and to fully support our students and trainees by creating professional development programs. My education is in Mathematics and Physics, including a MASt in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge supported by a Churchill Scholarship. I bring this analytical and logical perspective to managing our grant submissions, contracting, and reporting to our federal, state, foundation, and corporate sponsors.