NJCBM Mini Symposium on Nerve

Suradip Das

  • Portrait
  • Suradip Das, PhD
  • Bio-Fabrication of Nerve-Muscle Complexes to Augment Regeneration and Facilitate Reinnervation Following Volumetric Muscle Loss


I completed my PhD in Biosciences and Bioengineering fromIIT Guwahati, India. As a part of my doctoral research, I worked at the interface of Biomaterials and Nanotechnologytowardsdeveloping artificial nerve conduitsusingelectropsun silk fibroin-based nanocomposites comprising of gold and polyaniline nanoparticlesand evaluating chronic functional recovery upon implantation in a rat sciatic nerve injury model. I am currently a Post-doctoral fellow with Dr. D. Kacy Cullen at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Pennsylvania. At the Cullen Lab, my work involves biofabrication of Innervated Tissue Engineered Muscles(InTEM)and investigating theimplications of pre-innervation in augmenting functional neuromuscular regeneration following severe musculoskeletal trauma like Volumetric Muscle Loss(VML).