NJCBM Mini Symposium on Nerve

  • Portrait
  • Daniel Chakhalian, PhD
  • Fusogens: Hope or Hype for Instant Nerve Repair


Daniel Chakhalian is a general surgery resident at the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, PA. His research interests include peripheral nerve repair with novel biomaterials (fusogen, conduits) and allograft development (skin, vascular composite allograft). To further explore these interests Dr. Chakhalian joined the translational research in regenerative medicine T32 postdoctoral training program at the NJ center for biomaterials. 



Finally peripheral nerve repair is undergoing an explosion of new potential treatment options to improve on the standard of care. Traditional nerve repair has led to unsatisfying long term results due to Wallerian degeneration, slow nerve growth and end organ atrophy which it has been unable to successfully mitigate. To begin to address the cellular trauma of nerve injury a class of molecules known as fusogens are being explored to repair the axonal continuity of individual nerve fibers at the cell membrane level. Despite their promise to improve surgical outcomes, some controversy still exists over fusogen mechanisms of action, clinical feasibility, and long term outcomes.