"This course was extremely helpful and gave me a great foundation for designing and printing my own 3D constructs. I feel like I am leaving today with a greater sense of confidence in my abilities. I am excited to explore further the world of bioprinting and will definitely recommend this program to others." - 2-Day Workshop, November 2019

"I really liked how the class was both lecture-based and lab based. The lecture helped to set the stage for the material we were learning but the lab helped to solidify the knowledge." - Graduate Course, January 2019

"The course went above and beyond my expectations for the amount of information given in two days. I did not feel overwhelmed at any time during the workshop and am confident that I will be able to make significant progress with our lab's biofabrication techniques based on what I've earned." - 2-Day Workshop, November 2019

3D Bioprinting

3D bioprinting

Cell Culture

Cell culture

Clean Room

Clean Room

Digital Dentistry

digital dentistry