About Workforce Development

New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM) is a multidisciplinary center of excellence at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug delivery, medical devices, 3D bioprinting and workforce development.


Workforce development spans the training of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral candidates, faculty, domestic and international participants.



Each year, a select group of promising undergraduate students participate in the Undergraduate Summer Internship Program. Talented students with an interest in biomaterials research are matched with a faculty mentor for 12 weeks over the summer. The goal of the program is to expose promising undergraduate students to scientific research and the laboratory environment, while providing individualized mentoring and hands-on experience in an on-going research study. ARESTY scholars train and gain real research experience under the mentorship of NJCBM faculty, culminating with a poster presentation. Most continue their research projects as ARESTY Fellows.



Kohn is an advisor and mentor to graduate students pursuing their PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology and other departments such as Biomedical Engineering. Students receive a worldview of inter- and multi-disciplinary training along with entrepreneurial training. Other faculty members at the NJCBM serve on various graduate committees. Please visit https://kohnlab.org/ for more information.



NIH-T32 Training is a program that challenges postdoctoral researchers to work across a dispersed scientific community.  The program delivers unique research experiences built around special combinations of expertise, and draws its faculty from six institutions (Rutgers University, Princeton University, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsylvania, Case Western Reserve University, and Tufts University). Each faculty member is a leading researcher in his or her own field. The NIH has been funding this groundbreaking, geographically distributed training program under NJCBM’s leadership since 2003. Please visit https://biomaterials.rutgers.edu/training/t32-postdoctoral-training for more information.


Symposia, Seminars, Workshops, Courses:

New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM), the Center for Dermal Research (CDR), and Biofabrication Workforce Development (Biofab WFD) provides quality educational and workforce development opportunities. They hold symposia, technical workshops, seminar series, and courses. These premier events have gained recognition for their broad scope, stimulating themes, and interdisciplinary attendance. Please visit https://biomaterials.rutgers.edu/news-events/upcoming-events/range.listevents/- for more information.